Gina's Love Affair With Yoga

It started in an Ashtanga class in South Florida circa 1999. “I was the worse one in the class. The instructor could not believe how inflexible I was.” 

That motivated her to delve deeper. A fitness-ista (running, tennis, aerobics) yoga quickly became her favorite as she saw her body transform. 

“Yoga with it’s deep breathing and twists, works you inside out. It's rejuvenating and your body will function more efficiently. With a regular yoga practice, you don't crave food like you do with cardio or weight training. My favorite side effect of yoga is learning to love and appreciate your body".

Gina spent five years in Los Angeles where she was able to practice with the best in the biz. Inspired by  yogi greats like Steve Ross, Light and Mathew Reyes she eventually earned her 200 hour yoga teacher training in 2009. Continuing education includes workshops with Seane Corn and Bryan Kest plus certifications with Manju Jois (Ashtanga), Thai Body Work and Yoga for Athletes. 

Enthusiastic about sharing the transformative power that is yoga, Gina's demeanor is democratic.  "Yoga is about what you can do, not what you can't."  Through  breath -- your mind, body and spirt will open and develop into a beautiful dynamic yoga practice.  Control the body, control the mind. Control your mind and the world is your oyster. 

Gina's loves turning newbies onto the practice and helping people reach their full potential. One-on-one private yoga is her speciality and her diverse clientele include professional athletes, patients recovering from cancer, busy moms, and discriminating CEO's.